Anand Venkatesan

This Person is Camera ShyCorporate Technology Strategy

Anand Venkatesan is a Corporate Technology Strategy lead in Qualcomm’s Corporate Strategy, M&A, and Ventures office.

His responsibilities include the development of strategies for inorganic technology synergies and strategic revenue synergies, the evaluation of new emerging technologies and startups to put Qualcomm on a new growth curve, and the strategic analysis and direction of internal R&D and product roadmaps.

Anand currently leads technology strategy for Qualcomm’s $47B acquisition of NXP, the largest semiconductor technology acquisition in history, and advises C-level executives on matters ranging from technology investments to strategic changes for product roadmaps. Anand also works with anti-trust authorities around the world such as the European Commission, in the area of Technology Plea Advocacy for matters related to Qualcomm’s acquisitions.

Prior to this role, Anand was the Design Implementation lead for Qualcomm’s best-in-class Modem chips. In his role as a Modem lead, Anand was responsible for the Design Implementation of the World’s fastest Modem that was demoed in Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, as well as designing the Frequency Plan and Foundry Strategy for a next-generation Modem, that will hit the market sometime in the near future. Anand is a well-regarded Power/Performance/Area expert in the Semiconductor Industry having delivered a mobile class CPU with the lowest power consumption with his previous employer, Intel Corporation. Anand has a Masters Degree from the University of Illinois where his theoretical research focused on Group III-V CdSe/ZnS Quantum dots electrical and optical properties. He is also a Molecular Beam Epitaxy expert and has done experimental research on Group II-VI, HgCdTe crystals for Photodetector/Photovoltaic cells.

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