Poster Presentation

As a participant (i.e. if you submitted an abstract), you are required to present a poster at the conference.  You may have several goals for your poster:  to find collaborations within MTL, to make industry contacts, to find employment opportunities, or to win poster awards (new this year).  In all cases, one of your goals is to convey quality and professionalism for our industry guests.

Step 1: Create your poster

  1. Download poster template with correct dimensions - please see below for attachment. Your poster must be no wider than 41 inches and no longer than 48 inches. 
  2. Create your poster using the PPT template and convert to PDF format when done to ensure proper formatting.

Step 2: Print your poster

  1. You must save your poster as #.##.pdf where “#.##” is your assigned session number (3.04.pdf, for example). You can find your assigned session number here.
  2. To have your posted printed by the conference committee, you must submit your poster by Sunday January 13, 2019 to your session chair. Those who attend the CommLab Workshop on MARC Pitches/Posters will be allowed to submit until the Wednesday January 16, 2019.
  3. Inspect your printed poster for any errors or changes. You will get an email notification to come and inspect your poster once it is ready.
  4. If you wish to print your poster through another source or if you miss the deadline you may use any service to print your poster.  Options include MIT Copytech and FedExOffice (600 Technology Square, Cambridge). Your poster must be no larger than 48×48 inches (to fit the poster boards). You must submit your printed poster no later than Friday January 18, 2019 in 39-313. 

Step 3: Present your poster
There will be two poster sessions at MARC2019. Please review the conference agenda to identify which session will host your poster.  Each poster will be assigned a specific location at the conference. A map will be available when you arrive at the conference showing the location for your poster.

Tips for a Successful Poster Presentation

  • Identify your goal for your poster and use all of your poster to further that goal.  If you’re having a hard time, focus on the importance of the problem and the impact of your solution.  
  • Remember that posters, as a format, are effective at starting conversations but not for teaching.  You can best leverage the poster format by using it to get your audience interested and excited.  Leave the details and subtleties to documents that are built for them (publications, lecture notes, etc.).
  • It’s easier to stay on target it you think of your poster as a visual sidekick for a presentation.  Figure out what message you want to convey, then design your poster to back you up.
  • Avoid text as much as is reasonable.  Text is most effectively used to clearly state the take-home messages of your poster (the things you wouldn’t want your audience to miss or forget).  Again, leave the complexities to other kinds of documents.
  • Design your poster so that the visuals of grouping and flow match the way you want the audience to move through the poster and group things in their heads.
File Attachments: 
File MARC2019 - Poster Template2.78 MB