Abstract Submission

MARC2023 will be held in-person. After submission and review of abstracts, conference attendees will be asked to submit a poster and deliver a 60-second research pitch at MARC. ​Researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts, according to the following guidelines, no later than the abstract deadline.

Abstract Submission Deadline

November 2, 2022


Abstract Submission Process

STEP 1 – Submit a Resume for Review and Approval. A resume needs to be submitted and approved in order to proceed with your MARC abstract submission, and some of this information will appear next to your abstract.

• Log into the MTL website [https://www.mtl.mit.edu/user]
• Use the button on your account page to create and complete a resume, and submit it to MTL
• Approval from MTL is typically within 24 hours

Once you have submitted your resume and had it approved, you can proceed with your abstract submission.

STEP 2 – Prepare your abstract using the template and guidelines below. Please ensure that you follow the naming convention when submitting your abstract file: “marc2023_abstract_kerberos.rtf" 

By submitting your abstract to the MARC Committee, you agree to have your abstract published in the MARC2023 Conference Proceedings. 

STEP 3 – Abstract submission is a part of the general conference registration - you will be prompted to submit the abstract document during the registration. 

After Submission

STEP 4 – MARC2023 Committee Session Chairs will review the abstracts and provide feedback on how they can be improved prior to publication. Authors of abstracts requiring significant modifications will be encouraged to seek the input of the EECS Communication Lab in order to maximize final quality.

STEP 5 - Please make the requested improvements to your abstract and return it to your MARC2023 Committee Session Chair for inclusion the proceedings.


Abstract Guidelines and Tips

Please read the following documents prior to submitting your abstract to ensure that it meets the guidelines.

Instructions for your MARC abstract and an example

MARC abstract template

How to write an effective abstract.