Lab Specific Trainings

Each lab in MTL varies by the types of hazards present. Each user of the groups must complete the introductory training before starting work in the lab and annually thereafter. The lab trainings are updated on an annual basis before retraining is scheduled.

The EHS Coordinator and the EHS Representatives work directly together to develop and update the trainings. The trainings are usually given by the EHS Representative on the timeline identified by the EHS Coordinator.

MTL PI’s and EHS Reps

  • Tayo Akinwande & Nedeljko Karaulac
  • Anantha Chandrakasan & Alex Ji
  • Jesus del Alamo& Ethan Sukrae Lee
  • Ruonan Han, Harry Lee, Charles Sodini, Negar Reiskarimian & Minah Kim
  • Luqiao Liu & Josh Chou
  • Max Shulaker & Tathagata Srimani
  • Luis Velasquez-Garcia & Hyeonseok Kim