Frequently Asked Questions

What are normal operating hours for the fab?

Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm

When are toxic gases shut-off?

Toxic gases are shut-off approximately 1/2 hour before closing.

What do I do when supplies and chemicals run out?

Always call the chemical cell phone at 857-998-1916, and make the person responsible for chemical and supplies stock aware of this.

Why do the elevators only go to the 3rd floor after 5pm? Why are the Building 39 entrances locked after 5pm?

The elevators and entrances to Building 39 are locked after 5pm. MTL contains many dangerous substances and so access is restricted after hours for safety reasons. If you do not have a key to the building (key #138B), you will not be able to enter the building or floors 2, 4, 5, and 6 (floor 3 remains accessible because it is handicapped-accessible). Please obtain a key from the Operations Administrative Assistant if you plan to work in the fab after 5pm.

I would like to work in the fab 24/7, what do I need to do?

24/7 access to MTL is designed for experienced users who are very familiar with the working in the fab. It is expected that a 24-hour user will not only know his/her own process but also be familiar with the cleanrooms in general and know how to respond to all situations that might be encountered after hours. Users can request 24-hr status by sending a note to the ptc [at] (PTC). If staff input on the request is positive, the PTC will conduct an oral safety interview with the applicant. If the request is approved, 24-hr status will allow the user to access the fab when there is no staff on duty, for doing processes that do not use toxic gases. There must be at least two 24-hr-qualified users (serving as buddy to each other) in the same fab at all times unless the user has been qualified for Remote Buddy status (see Remote Buddy SOP). 24-hr status is a privilege that can be revoked at any time for safety or fab protocol violations.

What should I do to introduce a new chemical into the fab?

To introduce a new chemical into the labs, submit the SDS to both the ptc [at] (PTC) and the wrhess [at] (MTL EHS Coordinator).

Why doesn’t my IDenticard work to get into the fab?

The most common reason for an IDenticard not working is that your MTL IDenticard has been deactivated because your training has expired. You will need to redo your Training Needs Assessment and add “Vicky Diadiuk” as one of your PI/Supervisors in order to access and complete MTL-specific EHS training. After you have completed the expired training or if your IDenticard isn’t working for other reasons, contact the Fab Operations Administrator.

I am neither an MIT student nor an MIT employee, how do I obtain access to use the fabrication facilities?

You will need to be sponsored by the Fab Operations Administrator in order to obtain an MIT ID number. This will allow you to register for an MIT certificate in order to assess your training needs and the EHS training requirements.

Common CORAL questions:

What do I do if my wafer gets stuck in a tool? Shutdown the tool in CORAL and try to contact staff.
What do I do if the tool is malfunctioning? Report the problem in CORAL.
I’m having a problem with a tool but I can’t get in contact with staff, what do I do? Report the problem in CORAL first because it automatically notifies ALL staff, then try to contact individual staff.

How long can I store a sample in the fab?

You may store your sample as long as you are working on it. Competed or obsolete samples should be removed and stored in private labs/offices. Samples can be stored in plastic bags if there is a chance they need to come back into the fab later. Fab users will receive notifications regarding periodic sample cleanouts.

Environmental Health & Safety

Who do I contact for EHS questions, comments, or concerns?

Please contact Whitney Hess, the MTL EHS Coordinator at wrhess [at], 617-253-8567, or stop by 39-213.

I’m new to MTL, what should I do to get started with safety training?

The MIT Learning Center is the hub for EHS training. In order to get set-up in the system, go to the MIT Learning Center and select My Profile > Create EHS Profile or Update PI/Activities > Add your PI(s) > Save and Continue > Select your research activities > Submit. This will add required trainings to your My Training Needs. Click on the course name to view classroom and/or web-based options to complete the training. EHS trainings must be completed BEFORE beginning work in lab.

I’ve completed all the safety training requirements to use the fab, but it is still listed as incomplete in MUMMS. What do I do?

MUMMS and the Learning Center are separate systems. Depending on when you completed the training, there may be up to a 24 hour delay before training completions are updated in your account. If the problem persists, please contact the wrhess [at] (MTL EHS Coordinator) .

The safety trainings to use the fab do not appear under My Trainings Needs in the Learning Center. How do I access the training?

The most common reason for this is PI affiliation. In order to use the fab, you will need to add Vicky Diadiuk as one of your PI/Supervisors. In order to do this, go to the MIT Learning Center, select My Profile > Update PI/Activities > Add Vicky Diadiuk > Save and Continue > Select your research activities, which at a minimum will be “Use potentially hazardous chemicals in a laboratory” and “Use hydrofluoric acid” > Submit.