• MIT.nano has reopened for researchers. MIT.nano’s technical staff are ramping-up tools; you will see most tools go out of shutdown and online in CORAL throughout June.
  • In accordance with MIT's latest COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidelines, MIT.nano is turning off for now. There is no user access and all tools are in a stand-by condition.
  • Microsystems Annual Research Conference (MARC) highlights students' research, looks to the future of micro & nanotechnology
  • MIT graduate students lead conference on microsystems and nanotechnology
  • A member of the lab for over 30 years, Prof. Lee is an expert in analog circuits for data converters, bio-medical systems and sensor systems

Scaling up the quantum chip

MIT engineers develop a hybrid process that connects photonics with “artificial atoms,” to produce the largest quantum chip of its type.


  January 30, 2020
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