Computer-Aided Design and Information Technology

The MTL CAD & IT group manages the computation and networking infrastructure and associated services for the benefit of its community and in support of its mission. This includes a diverse group of ~120 UNIX-based, ~200 Windows-based and ~40 Mac-based computers coexisting within a gigabit network. Within this community, there are lab wide servers handling services such as Windows domain login, CAD computation, file sharing, e-mail, backups, printing, web applications, etc. and there are research group owned computers used for file sharing and computation as well as desktop client use.

CAD Resources for Design and Simulation

MTL supports a wide range of hardware and software tools for CAD design and simulation for the benefit of the entire MIT community. The emphasis is on systems based on Red Hat Linux. All users with CAD needs can subscribe to these services.

Computer Access

For registered active users, MTL provides login credentials and access to UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac computers depending on the user's needs and requirements.

Computer Backups

MTL provides daily backup services for servers, workstations and personal computers while they are located on the local network whether institute or privately owned.

Network Information

MTL runs a high-speed Ethernet network throughout its facilities in Buildings 38 and 39. The data rate throughout the buildings is one Gb/s to the desktop.  Wireless networking access is also available via the EECS-MTL-RLE domain.

Software Resources

MTL provides access to design and simulations CAD tools for registered CAD users. In addition, MIT has a number of agreements in place to distribute software throughout its community. MTL typically sets up some of these packages (e.g. anti-virus, Office) as part of its standard installation process.


MTL supports several printers and multifunction machines around its facilities including support with the installation and maintenance of private networked printers and multifunction machines in individual offices and lab spaces.


MTL provides e-mail services for its resident faculty, staff and students including mailbox storage. In addition, MTL provides an e-mail identity and forwarding services for non-resident users as well as numerous mailing lists in support of both cad and fab users.

The MTL CAD & IT staff are overseen by:

  • Professor Duane S. Boning - Associate Director for Computation and CAD

The MTL IT staff includes:

  • Thomas Lohman - Senior Systems/Software Developer
  • William Maloney - Systems Manager
  • Michael Hobbs - Systems Manager

The MTL CAD staff includes:

  • Michael McIlrath - Research Scientist