MTL supports a number of CAD software tools, including general-purpose tools such as Matlab, technology CAD tools, and electronic CAD tools. To use these tools (on either MTL general use machines or on research group owned machines), you must be a registered MTL user that is subscribed to CAD services (see “User Accounts”).

Before activation of your CAD service can take place, you will need to meet with the CAD administrator so they can sign off on your access. You can find contact information for the CAD administrator under the Manage Your Services option within MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS.

A list of the CAD tools at MTL is available for your perusal if you are within the MIT network.

MTL also maintains a mailing list for CAD users. This list disseminates information to all CAD users or allows CAD users to discuss various issues among themselves.

Users can also e-mail cad-problems [at] (cad-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu) with any questions or problems regarding the CAD tools.