Computer Access

Once a user is registered in MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS and has completed the prerequisites needed in order for their MTL compute access service to become active, they gain access to MTL computers and servers.  What a user has access to depends on what their needs and requirements are as well as whether or not they are affiliated with a research group within MTL.

For Windows computers located on the local network, MTL maintains the MTL Windows domain.  Each user is given a MTL Windows domain account and has access to any Windows computer that is a member of that domain.  This includes all Windows computers within the nanofabrication facilities in Building 39.

For UNIX/Linux computers located on the local network, users are given an additional set of credentials and have access to the MTL CAD resources (if they have signed up for the CAD service and have completed all prerequisites) as well as general servers for home directory storage and running non-CAD Linux tools/programs. 

For Macs, there is no shared user credential system in place so MTL will create local accounts on any Mac that a user requires access to.

If a user is a member of an MTL research group then they will also be given access to their group's set of computers for file/data storage, software use including the MTL CAD tools and general desktop use.  If a user's research group computer is Windows then MTL will make sure that it is properly configured and a member of the MTL Windows domain.

In addition, users are also given an MTL e-mail identity.  Typically this is just a forwarding only e-mail account that can be configured in MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS to forward to any other outside e-mail account that the user owns (e.g. their MIT e-mail account). 

Note that currently, the Windows and UNIX/Linux computing environments use the same login name but have separate passwords and have separate mechanisms to reset a password.  Please see the CAD & IT FAQ for further information about resetting passwords.