Nanofabrication Facilities

The nanofabrication facilities are located in the Gordon Stanley Brown Building (Building 39) and consist primarily of three cleanroom labs, which offer varying degrees of flexibility and cleanliness levels. Visit our Facilities page to learn more about our cleanroom laboratories, resources, and capabilities.

Our Become a Fab User section provides detailed instructions for how to become an MTL Fab User and make use of the fabrication facilities. We accept users both inside and outside of MIT. For those outside of MIT, we have three programs for use of MTL facilities: Outreach Program, Fabrication Facilities Access (FFA) Program, and the Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG).

The MTL Chemical Hygiene Plan is provided to fab users to review, which is an Institute Requirement.

The MTL Emergency Preparedness Plan is provided to the MTL community and fab users to review and use as a reference for procedures to follow in the event of a fire or other types of emergencies.

Our Equipment Information & Fees section includes a complete list of MTL equipment and associated fees.

The Training & SOPs section provides equipment training information and associated standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Registered MTL users can use the following links to access their MTL accounts.  In addition, they can visit our Fast Facts for Fab Users page for information on hours of operation, how to contact staff on duty, and email lists.