Nanofabrication Facilities

NOTEThe MIT.nano Nanofabrication Facilities (Fab.nano) that once were part of MTL and are still currently located in Building 39 are in the process of being transferred to MIT.nano Building 12.  In addition to the physical transfer, on-line resources and information have also been migrated to MIT.nano Users.  If you are interested in using the MIT.nano fabrication facilities then please visit the Fab.nano section of MIT.nano Users and follow the instructions on becoming a new user.

The nanofabrication facilities located in the Gordon Stanley Brown Building (Building 39) are part of the MIT.nano Fab.nano community and consist primarily of three cleanroom labs (EML, ICL, TRL), which offer varying degrees of flexibility and cleanliness levels. Please visit Fab.nano to learn more about its cleanroom laboratories, resources, and capabilities.