Microsystems Annual Research Conferences (MARC)

The Microsystems Annual Research Conference (MARC) is a yearly off-site gathering of MTL students, faculty, and industry partners designed to bring the community together to exchange ideas, get to know each other and launch new collaborations.

Since its inception, initially as the MTL Annual Student Review in 1984, MARC has evolved into an off-site student-led conference that brings together MTL affiliated students, postdocs, faculty, as well as MIG members. MARC celebrates the innovations and accomplishments of MTL by showcasing MTL research and enabling networking opportunities. This is accomplished through over 100 posters from at least 40 research groups, representing the impressive research diversity in MTL.  The MARC program typically includes keynote speaker(s), a panel discussion, a technical portion, and presentations by MIG members.  MIG presentations aim to demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies in industry and to inspire conversations between MTL researchers and MIG members.  Typically, MARC is part of a week-long series of events at MTL called MTL EXPO that also includes the annual meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and StartUP@MTL, an event showcasing recent startups that have roots in MTL.

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