Research Overview

The research activities of MTL are extraordinarily broad. The common thread is the interest of MTL faculty in microsystems. These are systems that exploit the unique attributes of micro-scale and nanoscale devices and circuits to address areas of pressing human concern. MTL faculty pursue a number of technologies that explore new materials and structures, new nanofabrication techniques, new devices, new circuit concepts, new system architectures and new algorithms to synthesize complex systems that advance the state of the art. MTL’s activities encompass integrated circuits and systems, electronic and photonic devices, MEMS, bio-MEMS, molecular devices,nanotechnology, sensors, actuators, to name just a few. The range of materials reaches well beyond Si and Ge to include III-V compound semiconductors, nitride semiconductors, graphene and other 2D materials, polymers, glass, organics, and many others.

A selection of projects currently under investigation in MTL are summarized in our Annual Research Report.

Under the umbrella of MTL are a number of Research Centers and Initiatives. These are interdisciplinary groupings of faculty with shared interests that join forces to explore novel concepts. MTL Research Centers are supported by consortia of companies that pool resources to investigate the challenges and opportunities of new technologies.  Characteristic of all centers is one or two yearly symposia where research results are presented and discussed. MTL Research Centers include:

MTL is also home to several research groups, including: