Network Information

MTL runs a high-speed Ethernet network throughout its facilities in Buildings 38 and 39. The data rate throughout the buildings is 1 Gb/s to the desktop.  Wireless networking access is also available via the RLE domain.

Accessing the network is an important part of utilizing the computing resources at MTL. To do this, you will need a physical network connection. These are available via wired network wall jacks or via the MTL network’s wireless infrastructure. The wired jacks are faster, but wireless access may be more convenient. If you are not sure if your jack is working, please send an e-mail to network-problems [at] (network-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu) specifying the office number and the number on the jack and MTL will verify that the jack is live and working properly.

In addition to the physical connection, a network or IP address is necessary in order to access MTL’s services. If your computer is a desktop or server then a wired connection and fixed IP address are required. If your computer is a laptop or other mobile device, then you can use DHCP to obtain an IP address and the wireless infrastructure to connect. Please note the comments regarding wireless connections and backups under the Backup section.

Please use the following links below to request new IP addresses/hostnames.

While MTL is part of the RLE wireless domain, if you are using a laptop or other mobile computer, then you may also require use of the MIT wireless domains. MIT community members can connect securely to the MIT Secure domain while everyone can use the MIT Guest domain.

Please send any questions regarding networking within MTL to network-problems [at] (network-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu).