Getting Help

The best way to request help is to send an e-mail to the appropriate mailing list described below. Your request is copied to a collection of staff (and in some cases students and faculty) with knowledge in that particular problem area. This is much better than sending email to any one staff member who may be unavailable that day.

  • General IT question/problem: problems [at] (problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • CAD question/problem: cad-problems [at] (cad-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • Coral question/problem: coral-problems [at] (coral-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • MUMMS question/problem: mumms-problems [at] (mumms-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • Web question/problem: web-problems [at] (web-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • Mail question/problem: mail-problems [at] (mail-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • Printing question/problem: print-problems [at] (print-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)
  • Network question/problem: network-problems [at] (network-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)

You are also welcome to drop in on the MTL IT staff (39-317). Please note that they may be in the middle of something and so may not be able to resolve your problem at that instant. The staff may ask that you send a message to problems [at] (problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu) so your problem is not lost in the shuffle and can be tracked by everyone.