Policies and Fees


MTL users with access to MTL computers incur a $30/month fee while those users who also have an active CAD service incur an additional $30/month fee.  This includes users with access to the Fab.nano facilities in Building 39.  These fees go to support the MTL CAD & IT infrastructure and the various services provided.  In addition, users with access to the Fab.nano facilities in Building 39 incur a $10/month lab access (Identicard) fee. 

All computers/devices, regularly residing on the network, supported, and serviced by MTL, incur a $45/month fee. This includes both institute and privately owned computers as well as other networked devices such as printers.

Any user can inactivate their MTL computer and Building 39 lab access (and stop the associated fees) by logging into MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS, clicking on the Manage Your Services link and removing *all* their MTL and Building 39-related lab services.

Alternatively, the user's supervisor or supervisor administrator can request a user's MTL account be inactivated by logging into MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS, clicking on Manage Users, then selecting the user in question and then choosing Request Inactivation on the user's main page.

To request a computer be inactivated (and stop the associated fee), the computer's supervisor or supervisor administrator can login to MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS, click on Manage Computers, select the computer in question and then choose Request Inactivation on the computer's main page.

If you need assistance with MIT.nano & MTL MUMMS or are having difficulty requesting inactivation of a user or computer, then please e-mail either mumms [at] mtl.mit.edu (mumms[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu) or mumms-problems [at] mtl.mit.edu (mumms-problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu)

User Accounts Policy

MTL does not allow the sharing of user accounts.  All users who need access to MTL services must request their own accounts.

Group Owned and Run Computers Policy

Individual research groups, administrative groups, lab groups, and other organizations can operate their own networked computers and peripherals. However, the MTL must be involved in connecting all hardware on the MTL network. This is imperative to ensure that the configuration, networking, and security options are consistent with the requirements for shared and safe use on our network. Please contact problems [at] mtl.mit.edu (problems[at]mtl[dot]mit[dot]edu) to schedule all workstation, server, and personal computer setups, including laptops. MTL does not recommend personal laptops be put on the MTL Windows Domain, but does have a number of software applications that can be installed for you.

MTL does not purchase parts or computers for group-owned hardware. The computing staff can help suggest or specify replacement disk drives, workstations, software, etc., but it does not typically place such orders nor pay for these items.