MTL Expo | Two winter events celebrating the research, education, and innovation activities of MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories

January 28–29, 2020 • Bretton Woods, NH & Cambridge, MA 

The MTL Expo unifies two key events under one umbrella—MARC2020 and IAB2020. This event unites MTL’s research community with its industrial partners.

MARC2020 is open to all MTL- and MIT.nano- affiliated students, faculty, staff, and other friends of MTL, while IAB2020 is tailored to the needs and interests of MTL’s Microsystems Industrial Group. 

We look forward to hosting these events again! 

MARC 2019

MARC 2020

Our annual conference showcasing the research accomplishments of the MTL community.

IAB 2020

IAB 2020

The annual meeting of MTL’s Industrial Advisory Board.