List of Abstracts

Last updated January 17, 2024

List of Sessions

S1 - Electronic Devices
Session Chair: Hridibrata Pal
S1.01 Miniature 3D-Printed Super Sensor: Multi-Langmuir Probe Device for CubeSat Ionospheric Plasma Diagnostics Zoey Bigelow
S1.02 Analysis of Memristor Device Requirements and Update Thresholding Strategy for Precision Programming of Neuromorphic Memristor Arrays

Giho Lee

S1.04 Optimized design of Vapor Transport Co-Deposited Perovskite Photovoltaics

Tamar Kadosh

S1.05 Silicon Solar Cell Quantum Yield Approaching 100% Due to Sensitization by Singlet Exciton Fission Aaron Li
S1.06 Magnesium Fluoride as a Thin Film Electrolyte in Mg-based Electrochemical Ionic Synapse (EIS) Devices Miranda Schwacke
S1.07 Epitaxial perovskite ferroelectric based capacitive memory Xinyuan Zhang
S1.08 Sub-Nanometer Interface Modifications for Conductance Modulation in Proton-Based ECRAM Devices Jordan Meyer
S1.09 Polaronic Carrier Mobility in Channel Materials for CMOS-compatible ECRAM Pjotrs Žguns
S1.10 Understanding the Role of Defects at Diamond/c-BN Interface: A first-principles study Shikha Saini
S1.11 A Superconducting Bridge Rectifier Using the Asymmetric Surface Barrier Effect Matteo Castellani
S1.12 Compact Multi-terminal Nano-electromechanical Relay Tong Dang
S1.13 Symmetric PSG/WO3 Protonic Synapses for Analog Deep Learning Dingyu Shen
S1.14 Temperature-Dependent Impedance Characterization of Ferroelectric HfZrO2 Thin Films John Huang
S1.15 CMOS-compatible ferroelectric memory for analog neural network accelerators Yanjie Shao
S1.16 Tunneling magnetoresistance in antiferromagnetic tunneling junctions Chung-Tao Chou
S1.17 Field Emitter Arrays Device Characteristics– A Closer Look at Space-Charge Youngjin Shin
S1.18 Design-technology Co-optimization of 2D Electronics Aijia Yao
S1.19 Ohmic Contacts to Ultrawide-Bandgap Two-Dimensional Semiconductors Ayush Gupta
S1.20 Highly integrated graphene-based chemical sensing platform for structural monitoring applications Christian Emmanuel Lopez Angeles
S1.21 High Temperature RF GaN Electronics John Niroula
S1.22 High Al-content AlGaN Transistors Hridibrata Pal
S1.23 Large-signal TCAD simulation of polarization switching in ferroelectric devices Jorge Navarro Fidalgo
S1.24 FPGAs for Electrical Characterization of Superconducting Nanowire Based Circuits Stephen Kandeh
S1.25 Thermal Management in GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) Deniz Erus
S1.26 Two-dimensional MoS2 transistors Bianca Hanly, Lucas Ospina and Sanjay Seshan
S1.27 Halide Perovskite Memristors Toward Neuromorphic Computing Katrina Li, Ishika Shah and Makar Kuznietsov

Automated Measurements and Modeling of RF GaN Electronics for High-Temperature Applications

Ezekiel Daye
S2 - Integrated Circuits & Systems
Session Chair: Xibi Chen
S2.01 A Blocker-Tolerant mm-Wave 4-Element MIMO Receiver with Spatial Notch Filtering Using Non-Reciprocal Phase-Shifters for 5G Shahabeddin Mohin
S2.02 A massively parallel in-memory-computing architecture using stochastic computing Qiuyuan Wang
S2.03 An Enhanced Harmonic-Tolerant Mixer-First Receiver Employing Concurrent Top and Bottom-Plate Mixing for 5G NR Applications

Soroush Araei

S2.04 Tailor Swiftiles: Accelerating Sparse Tensor Algebra by Overbooking Buffer Capacity Zi Yu Xue
S2.05 A Scalable Cryogenic Phased Array Feed for Radio Astronomy with Integrated Continuous Calibration Daniel Sheen
S2.06 Interface Circuits for Analog In-Memory Computing Mohamed Elsheikh
S2.07 RAELLA: Reforming the Arithmetic for Efficient, Low-Resolution, and Low-Loss Analog PIM: No Retraining Required! Tanner Andrulis
S2.08 Analog In-memory Computing with Protonic Synapses Jungsoo Lee
S2.09 Rare Event Probability Learning by Normalizing Flows Zhengqi Gao
S2.10 Development of a GaN and Si CMOS Stacked-3DIC Platform for W-G Band Applications Pradyot Yadav
S2.11 A CMOS-Integrated Color Center Pulse-Sequence Control and Detection System Jinchen Wang
S2.12 A Biologically-Inspired Neuromorphic Circuit for Efficiently Training Wide Neural Networks Akhilan Boopathy
S3 - Medical Devices & Biotechnology
Session Chair: Quansan Yang
S3.01 A conformable ultrasound patch for cavitation enhanced transdermal cosmeceutical delivery Aastha Shah
S3.02 Stochastic Regulator with Estimation Filter Implementable Using Bio/Nano Chemistry and Useful for "Intelligent Design" Jonathan Protz
S3.03 Ingestible Electronics for High Quality Gastric Neural Recordings Adam Gierlach
S3.04 Tracking neurocognitive decline via abnormalities in eye movements recorded on mobile devices Jamie Koerner
S3.05 Electrophoretic quality assessment of adeno-associated virus (AAV) by microfluidic ion concentration polarization Yejin Park
S3.06 Inertial microfluidic cell retention device for perfusion culture Do Hyun Park
S3.07 High Throughput Electrokinetic Concentrator with Polydopamine DNA Capture Substrate Eric Wynne
S3.08 Progress on an Implantable Microphone for Cochlear Implants Emma Wawrzynek
S3.09 Engineering high-throughput electrokinetic filtration for nucleic acid enrichment Mingyang Cui
S3.10 Continuous In-line Monitoring of Perfusion Culture Viability with Contact-Free Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry Hans Gaensbauer
S3.11 Rewiring Photosynthesis Tomi Baikie
S3.12 A Compact Hydraulic Head Maintainer for Constant Gravity-Driven Flow in Microfluidic Designs Fan Xue
S3.13 An implantable device for in-situ ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery

Jason Hou

Sarah Ornellas

S3.15 Robust DNA patterned glass surfaces with micrometer features by photolithography and Click chemistry Eyal Perry
S3.17 Chamber and airflow optimization for E-Nose Technology Miguel Grande Ráez
S3.18 Piezoelectric Single Crystal-Based Ultrasound Patch for Breast Imaging Wenya Du
S3.19  A quantum tunneling-based breathalyzer Jack O'Leary, Clay Davis, Marco Andrade and Evan Andrews
S3.20 Continuous Lentiviral Vector Harvesting from HEK 293 Perfusion Culture using Spiral Inertial Microfluidic Technology Alexander Bevacqua
S4 - Energy, Power & Sustainability
Session Chair: Quang Kieu
S4.01 High-Performance High-Power Inductor Design for High-Frequency Applications Mansi Joisher
S4.02 High-Speed Controllable Transformation Matching Network for Enhanced RF Power Delivery in Semiconductor Plasma Processes Khandoker Nuzhat Rafa Islam
S4.03 On-the-Fly Learning for DNN Monocular Depth Estimation Zih-Sing Fu
S4.04 Large-Signal Characterization of Piezoelectric Resonators for Power Conversion Amanda Jackson
S4.05 High-Efficiency Non-Sinusoidal Bias Supply Drive for Capacitively Coupled Plasma Julia Estrin
S4.06 In-situ monitoring of GaN Power transistor parameters under continuous hard-switching operation Aviram Massuda
S4.07 Next-Generation High-Performance GaN Complementary Technology Patrick Darmawi-Iskandar
S4.08 First Demonstration of Optically Controlled Vertical GaN Power finFETs Jung-Han Hsia
S4.09 Low-Power Robot Platforms for Development of Energy-Efficient Algorithms for Pose Estimation, Mapping, and Activity Planning John Posada
S4.10 Optimization Strategies of Photovoltaics-powered Green Hydrogen Production Xuanjie Wang
S5 - Materials & Manufacturing
Session Chair: Abigail Zhien Wang
S5.01 AI-Empowered Automatic 2D Material Image Sampling and Scoring System Meng-Chi Chen
S5.02 Identification of Multiple Failure Mechanisms for Device Reliability using Differential Evolution Uttara Chakraborty
S5.03 Universal Transferred Process for 2D materials Shih-Ming He
S5.04 Controllable vapor-phase growth of multilayer h-BN on insulator substrates Kenan Zhang
S5.05 Strain relaxation engineering by thin amorphous carbon in the remote epitaxy of III-V materials Seong Ho Cho
S5.06 Spike timing dependent plasticity in electrochemical ionic synapses Mantao Huang
S5.07 Laser-assisted failure recovery for robust dielectric elastomer actuators in aerial robots Nemo Yi-Hsuan Hsiao
S5.08 Additively Manufactured, Monolithic, Self-Heating Microfluidic Devices Jorge Cañada
S5.09 Dynamic Time Warping Constraints for Semiconductor Processing Rachel Owens
S5.10 Development of Ultra-Thin Perovskite Solar Module with Slot-die Printing Karen Yang
S5.11 Elucidating the role of MOF pore size on OSN performance of microporous polymer-based mixed-matrix membranes Wan-Ni Wu
S5.12 Tungsten bronzes for neuromorphic computing: Can lattice strain enhance proton migration in WO3? Matthaeus Siebenhofer
S5.13 Defects Break the Self-Limiting Nature of the Room-Temperature Atomic-Layer Substitution for Growing Janus Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Tianyi Zhang
S5.14 Continuum-Scale Modeling Strategies for Microstructure Formation and Evolution Pavan Inguva
S5.15 The Limits to Bubble Capture through Porous Aerophilic Membranes Bert Vandereydt
S5.16 Electric Field-induced Rapid Growth of Single-Crystal Graphene Zhien (Abigail) Wang
S5.17 Mixed-dimensional integration of 3D complex-oxides on 2D materials via remote epitaxy Jung-El Ryu
S5.19 Low temperature wafer-scale synthesis of 2D TMD material for Back-end-of-line Heterogeneous Integration Yixuan Jiao
S5.20 A Comprehensive Study on Si-ion Implanted Ohmic Contacts on AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Minsik Oh
S5.21 Advanced Materials issues of GaN-on-Si Transistors for RF and Beyond Gillian Micale
S5.22 Endurance characterization of ferroelectric hafnium zirconium oxide for memory applications Tyra Espedal 
S6 - Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials
Session Chair: Sarah Spector
S6.01 Non-epitaxial Growth of Single-crystalline Transition Metal Dichalcogenides at Low Temperature for Silicon Back-end-of-line integration Doyoon Lee
S6.03 Predicting Next-generation perovskite solar cell performance through Machine Learning algorithms Ruiqi Zhang
S6.04 Amorphous 2D Materials – A Novel Platform for Remote Epitaxy and Nanopatterned Epitaxy of III-V Semiconductors with Low Decomposition Temperatures Kuangye Lu
S6.05 High Indium Content InGaN Strain Relaxation Yunpeng Liu
S6.06 Synthesis of single-crystal hBN multilayers on Ni (111) Kyung Yeol Ma
S6.07 Striving for Rapid Fabrication of Arbitrary, Ultraclean 2D Heterostructures using a Robotic Vacuum Transfer Setup and Automation Zachariah Hennighausen
S6.08 Formation of Monolayer Metal Oxides via Room Temperature Conversion of Two-Dimensional Transitional Metal Dichalcogenides Sheldon Zheng
S6.09 Parameters extraction for a superconducting thermal switch (hTron) SPICE model Valentin Karam
S6.10 Field-free deterministic and non-volatile switching of van der Waals ferromagnet above room temperature Shivam Kajale
S6.11 Atomically-thin ferroelectric transistors made from rhombohedral-stacked MoS2 Tilo Yang
S6.13 CMOS-compatible symmetric electrochemical protonic synapse device with HfO2 electrolyte Longlong Xu
S6.14 Simultaneous transport and capacitance measurements of a ferroelectric graphene moiré structure Xueqiao Wang
S6.15 Cascaded compression of size distribution of nanopores in monolayer graphene Jiangtao Wang
S6.16 Designer Ultrathin Resonators using Delamination Lithography Sarah Spector
S6.17 Tunable Mechanical Response of Self-Assembled Nanoparticle Superlattices Somayajulu Dhulipala
S6.18 3D-Printed, Non-Planar Electron Sources for Projection Lithography Alex Kachkine
S6.20 Novel tellurium contacts for p-type WSe2 devices Hae Won Lee
S6.21 Orbital multiferroicity in pentalayer rhombohedral graphene Tonghang Han 
S7 - Optoelectronics & Integrated Photonics
Session Chair: Morgan Blevins
S7.01 Plasmonic Nanoparticle Lattices as Optical Cavities for Colloidal Quantum Dot Lasers Shreyas Srinivasan
S7.02 Integrated Visible-Light Liquid-Crystal-Based Modulators for Augmented-Reality Displays Andres Garcia Coleto
S7.03 Integrated Photonics for Advanced Cooling of Trapped-Ion Quantum Systems Sabrina Corsetti
S7.04 Spatially-Adaptive Solid-State OPA-Based LiDAR Daniel DeSantis
S7.05 Understanding Ultrafast Energy Transfer in Mixed-Dimensional Perovskite Heterostructures Maya Chattoraj
S7.06 Analog complex-valued neural networks for quadratic energy savings Marc Bacvanski
S7.07 An Improved Method for Obtaining Charge Carrier Transport Parameters from Microscopy Data Thomas Sheehan
S7.08 High level intersystem crossing in triplet-triplet annihilation photon upconversion materials diphenylisobenzofuran and diphenylisobenzothiophene Oliver Nix
S7.09 Integrated Beam-Steering Optical Phased Arrays for Solid-State LiDAR Sensors Benjamin Mazur
S7.10 Decoupling the role of exciton lifetime, charge carrier balance, and dark excitons in the degradation of blue OLEDs Jan Tiepelt
S7.11 Integrated Optical Grating-Based Antennas for Solid-State LiDAR Sensors Michael Torres
S8 - Quantum Technologies
Session Chair: Wouter Van De Pontseele
S8.01 Probing Kinetic Inductance in Thin Niobium Diselenide (NbSe2) through Microwave Measurements Sameia Zaman
S8.02 Effects of helium-ion exposure on superconducting-nanowire single photon detectors Francesca Incalza
S8.03 Optimizing the Radiative Lifetimes of Perovskite Nanocrystals for Quantum Emission Applications Kaelyn McFarlane-Connelly
S8.04 Tailoring Light Emission and Scattering from Atomically Thin Materials with Transferable Nanostructures Ahmet Kemal Demir
S8.05 Elucidating the dominant exciton dynamics in MOCs through physical, chemical, and electrical manipulation of the lattice Nicholas Samulewicz
S8.06 Superconducting Nanocryotrons for Single-Photon Detector Readout Alejandro Simon
S8.07 High-Temperature Nanowire-Based Superconducting Circuits Dip Joti Paul
S8.08 High frequency microwave packaging for Josephson traveling wave parametric amplifiers Jennifer Wang

Large scale photonics integrated circuits for programmable nano-photonics processors and quantum information processing

Mustafa Yucel

S8.10 Integrated Photonics for High-Fidelity Control of Large-Scale Atom Array Quantum Simulator Hyo Sun Park
S8.11 Magnetic Microwave Pulse Control Schemes for Non-Identical Spin Qubits Malick Sere