Poster Guidelines

As an abstract author, you are required to present a physical poster at the conference. The primary goal of your poster is to convey your work with clarity and professionalism. You may have several additional goals for your poster presentation: to find collaborations within MTL / MIT.nano, to make industry contacts, and to find employment opportunities.

Important Information

  • There will be a drop off bin located at MTL HQ (38-246) if you are printing your own poster, but would like MTL staff to transport your poster. 
  • Include full names in the author list (for example, Jatin J. Patil instead of J. J. Patil).
  • Check your assigned abstract number here.
  • Please use the poster template provided at the bottom of this page. The poster size must be 42"x48".

Tips for a Successful Poster Presentation

  • Identify your message for your poster and design your poster to be a visual aid to further that message.
  • Remember the scope of your audience. Provide adequate background, clearly contextualize the problem, and emphasize the impact of your solution.
  • Clearly describe and/or visualize the guts (approach, methods, experimental setup, etc.), but remember that posters, as a format, are not conducive to heavy detail. Leave the details and subtleties to documents that are more suitable for them (publications, lecture notes, etc.).
  • Provide compelling results that substantiate your message and/or conclusion.
  • Design your poster to have a well-organized structure with obvious flow. Visuals for grouping and flow should match the way you want the audience to group concepts and/or move through the poster.
  • Ensure figures are clear and high-impact. Design your figures with maximum "signal-to-noise ratio".
  • Use minimal text, or ensure text use is strategic and high-impact. Text is most effectively used as headings and clearly stating the take-home messages of your poster. Again, leave the complexities to other kinds of documents.
  • Maintain visual cohesion in regards to colors, font types/sizes, etc.



Poster Template (MARC Only)

Poster Template (MARC and QuARC)