3D NAND As the Foundation of Data-Centric Society – Two Trillion Pillars at a Time

MTL Seminar Series
Ali Khakifirooz, Intel
Grier A (34-401A)
Open to
MIT Community

Abstract: In the past decade, mobile connectivity and availability of scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data centers, have changed the way data is being generated, sored, analyzed, and consumed. New business models further accelerate data creation and consumption, and NAND SSDs will continue to be a key technology to enable these applications. We will discuss recent innovations and key challenges of 3D NAND cost and performance scaling.

Bio: Ali Khakifirooz is a Principal Engineer at Intel and responsible for 3D NAND architecture pathfinding. He received his PhD from MIT in 2007. He has published more than 100 technical papers, holds more than 700 issued US Patents, and is an IEEE Fellow.