Advanced Materials and Microfabrication Technologies for Extracorporeal Respiratory Assist Devices

MTL Seminar Series

Location: Zoom
Speaker: Else Vedula, Draper

Bio: Dr. Else Vedula is a Principal Member of Technical staff at Draper, where her main research topics include in vitro tissue modeling and biomimetic microsystem development. Currently, she is leading an effort to fabricate and test microfluidic oxygenator devices as part of a multi-year effort to develop advanced lung assist technologies.

Abstract: The recent prevalence of respiratory failure events due to the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the urgent need for improved lung support technologies. We have developed microfluidic oxygenator prototypes over the last decade by leveraging advances in computational design, biomaterial engineering, and microfabrication techniques. Here, we present our work to develop simple, efficient, and robust extracorporeal respiratory support devices to improve patient outcomes and advance the current standard of care.