Fundamental semiconductor research for the continuation of Moore’s Law

MTL Seminar Series
Sanjay Natarajan, Intel
Grier A (34-401A) and Zoom
Open to
MIT Community

Abstract: Over the past 50 years, Moore’s Law has exponentially increased our ability to compute and has transformed the way we live. As graphics and AI applications create new and taxing compute workloads, advancing Moore’s Law has become more relevant than ever. Continued dimensional scaling, additional new materials, and novel architectures drive Intel’s research on the fundamentals of semiconductor technology in our relentless pursuit of Moore’s Law.

Sanjay Natarajan

Bio: Sanjay is Senior Vice President and has been the co-Director of Logic Technology Development since April 2021. Sanjay originally joined Intel in 1993 right out of college and spent 22 years in LTD. During this time, he led the development of Intel's 14nm process technology and, prior to that, he managed development of Intel's industry-leading 32nm logic technology. Most recently he was a Corporate Vice President at Applied Materials, where he led a group developing new types of semiconductor equipment focused on extending Moore’s Law. Outside of work, Sanjay plays an active role in STEM education with the local academic community. He has been a Research Professor at Portland State University since 2016. He is an IEEE member and received his bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.