Generative AI for Microsystem Design: Possibility and Opportunity

MTL Seminar Series
Grier A (34-401A)
Open to
MIT Community

This panel discussion will be moderated by Prof. Ruonan Han.

Panelists include:


Dirk Englund headshot

Dirk Englund from MIT, EECS

Dirk Englund received his BS in Physics from Caltech (2002), MS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford, and PhD in Applied Physics also at Stanford (2008). After a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, he joined Columbia University as Assistant Professor of E.E. and of Applied Physics. He joined the MIT EECS faculty in 2013. Major recognitions include the Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering, the Sloan Fellowship in Physics, the OSA's Adolph Lomb Medal, the Bose Research Fellowship, and the A.v. Humboldt Research Fellowship & Professorship. He’s a fellow of the Optica Society.


Wenjie Lu headshot

Wenjie Lu from ADI Analog Garage

Wenjie Lu is an AI research scientist at Analog Devices in Boston. Prior to joining ADI, he earned his PhD from MIT EECS in 2018. As an electrical engineer trained at MTL, he discovered his passion at the intersection of AI and EE. At ADI, his research primarily focuses on genAI for electronic systems and its applications to solve real-world hardware issues, such as wireless communication and power systems.




Xin Zhang headshot

Xin Zhang from IBM Research

Dr. Xin Zhang is a Research Manager at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center at Yorktown Heights, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab at Cambridge. He is also an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York.

He has authored or co-authored over 60 technical papers and has over 40 filed or issued patents. He has extensive research experience in analog circuits, power management circuits, system packaging/power delivery/cooling, and AI/machine learning applications. 

He is a TPC member for several top conferences including ISSCC, DAC, and APEC. He is also a Technical Advisory Board chair of the Analog-Mixed Signal Circuits, Systems, and Devices (AMS-CSD) at SRC. He is an Associate Editor for IEEE Solid State Circuits Letters and IEEE Senior Member.