Making Computing More Brain-like

MTL Seminar Series
Mike Davies, Intel
Virtual via Zoom ( & Allen Room (36-462)
Open to
MIT Community

Abstract: Despite decades of progress, today’s processors and AI accelerators still fall far short of biological brains in many respects.  Neuromorphic chips, such as Intel’s Loihi, aim to narrow this gap by applying principles of brain computation, re-thinking computer architecture and algorithms from transistors up. This talk covers learnings from our research with Loihi and the outlook to commercialization of this technology.

headshot of mike Davies

Bio: Mike Davies is Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab. In the 2000s at Fulcrum Microsystems, Mike pioneered asynchronous design in industry-leading networking switches. Since 2015 his group in Intel Labs has been applying those methods to brain-inspired AI processors such as Loihi.