MTL Seminar Series

How to Use a Lock-In Amplifier to Characterize Your Nanoscale Devices

October 27, 2021 - 12:00pm

Location: RLE Combined (36-462 and 36-428)
Speaker: Jim Phillips, Zurich Instruments

Lunch will be provided to registered attendees only. Register here.

Electronic measurements in nanoscale devices must detect extremely small signals.  For periodic signals, lock-in amplifiers improve sensitivity by orders of magnitude.  In this presentation, you will learn about the principles and characteristics of lock-in amplifiers and about applications including resonators, photonics, and pump-probe experiments, and you will see a demonstration of resonator characterization.

Jim Phillips enjoyed a long career in research into precision astronomical instruments and tests of gravity, developing a laser distance gauge accurate for 1 m distances to the diameter of a uranium nucleus.  He joined Zurich Instruments in 2018 and is having fun solving problems for customers.