Special MTL Seminars

MTL Mini Technical Symposium

July 20, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:15pm


Summer Mini Tech Symposium Agenda:

9:00 AM | Prof. Harry Lee | Opening Remarks
9:05 AM | Prof. Duane Boning | Silicon photonics design-for-manufacturing research
9:15 AM | Zhengxing Zhang | Machine learning in silicon photonics variation modeling
9:50 AM | Prof. Tomas Palacios | Extreme materials for the future of electronics
10:00 AM | Jiadi Zhu | Highly-scaled, high-performance transistors based on wafer-scale monolayer MoS2
10:35 AM | Prof. Kevin Chen | Agile, robust, and multifunctional micro-aerial-robots powered by soft artificial muscles
10:50 AM | Suhan Kim | Damage resilient and electroluminescent insect-scale aerial robots powered by dielectric elastomer actuators
11:20 AM | Prof. Farnaz Niroui | Engineering at the limits of the nanoscale
11:35 AM | Spencer Zhu | Active nanodevices through directed assembly
12:10 PM | Adjourn

To RSVP and receive Zoom information, please contact ebgreen [at] mit.edu (subject: MTL%20Mini%20Tech%20Symposium) (Elizabeth Green).