MTL Seminar Series

From Smaller Transistors to Cleaner Qubits: The Continuous Quest for Higher Performance in Computing

October 20, 2021 - 12:00pm

Speaker: Iuliana Radu, TSMC
Location: Zoom

Si transistor scaling has enabled enormous increase in productivity and ubiquitous connectivity. However, continued increase of computing power is not trivial. We will discuss several tracks which could enable further increase and highlight work done at imec to design, fabricating and test devices to further enable “compute”. We will discuss transistors with 2D semiconductors and qubits, all devices fabricated in imec’s 300mm fab.

Iuliana Radu received a PhD in Physics from MIT in 2009. She has been the director and founder of the Beyond CMOS and Quantum Computing  programs at imec Belgium since 2016. In Oct 2021, she has joined TSMC’s Corporate Research in Hsinchu, Taiwan.