Farnaz Niroui: New assistant professor in EECS and new core member in MTL

Prof. Niroui investigates unique physical phenomena and devices at the nanoscale
December 12, 2018

Farnaz Niroui joined MIT in November 2018 as an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a principal investigator at RLE and a core member of MTL.

Prof. Niroui’s research explores the limits of the nanoscale. She is studying physical phenomena uniquely emerging at dimensions in the few nanometer regime or smaller, and their potential for new active device paradigms. Towards achieving this objective, her research team integrates device engineering with materials science and chemistry. She is developing hybrid nanofabrication techniques to enable precise yet scalable processing of nanoscale architectures capable of controlling in novel ways light-matter interactions, electronic transport, and exciton dynamics. By understanding surfaces, interfaces and the mechanics of emerging materials, her work further adds dynamic tunability to such nanoscale systems.

Prior to joining MIT, Farnaz Niroui was a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Berkeley. She received her Ph.D. and S.M. degrees in electrical engineering from MIT and her bachelor’s degree in nanotechnology engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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Above: Engineering active devices at the limits of the nanoscale utilizing new fabrication techniques and dynamic tuning of nanostructures. Image courtesy of Prof. Niroui.