MIT.nano opens and MTL becomes “fabless”

Day 1000: MIT.nano opens its doors!

On July 16, after 999 days of work at the site, MIT received the keys of MIT.nano from Turner Construction and opened its doors to the community. MIT.nano is MIT’s boldest bet on the transforming power of nanoscience and nanotechnology to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems. The new facility, sitting at the heart of campus, is founded on the same principles that have made MTL successful for nearly 35 years. MIT.nano will support the research, education and entrepreneurship activities of the entire MIT community and partners with a solid foundation based on a new state-of-the-art 214,000 square foot (20,000 m2) building (a.k.a. Bldg. 12) that includes more than 47,000 sq. ft. (4,400 m2) of clean room process space plus additional spaces for imaging/characterization, system prototyping and teaching. 

A few days before, on July 1, MTL transferred the responsibility of managing the nanofabrication facilities of Bldg. 39 to the new administrative unit created to run MIT.nano. With this move, MTL has formally become “fabless.” This is a historical landmark in MTL’s history. MTL has proudly managed the nanofabrication facilities of Bldg. 39 for the benefit of the entire nano community at MIT for more than three decades.

While MTL has become “fabless,” our commitment to supporting a world-class shared nanofabrication infrastructure at MIT is undiminished. The July 1 administrative transition is the first step toward the eventual migration of MTL’s shared fabrication toolset from Bldg. 39 to its new home in Bldg. 12. This is a process that will take some time to be completed and that MTL is fully dedicated to support. We are also committed to minimizing the disruption that this transfer might bring to the more than 400 regular users that are carrying out their research projects at our experimental facilities.

After the transition is complete, MTL will maintain a strong and enduring commitment to fostering nanofabrication at MIT. MTL is as enthusiastic as ever about its mission of exploring the potential of nanoscale science and technology to improve human life. We do this through research on materials, structures, devices, and circuit demonstrations, as well as by showcasing them in actual system prototypes. Our close collaboration with industry partners provides invaluable support to our operations and, most importantly, helps us identify the most relevant problems while bringing into consideration real-world constraints. Together, the innovative research of MTL and the fabrication and prototyping capabilities of MIT.nano will surprise and delight us and will change the world for the better.

Jesús del Alamo
MTL Director


MIT.nano will celebrate the completion of the facility at a Grand Opening Event on Oct. 4.  Registration and agenda at: