MTL 2018 Spring Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (DDS) by Dr. Olivia Hentz

Left to right: Prof. Jesús del Alamo, Dr. Olivia Hentz

Congratulations to Dr. Olivia Hentz who received the honor of delivering the Spring 2018 MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (DDS) on May 9, 2018.

"The Uncommon Nature of Point Defects in Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells", Olivia Hentz discussed a new class of materials with great potential for next generation photovoltaics that has recently burst into the scene. Perovskites solar cells with efficiencies in excess of 20% have recently been demonstrated. Perovskites solar cells, however, are limited by instabilities related to point defect migration. In her talk, Dr. Hentz explores the detrimental effects of point defects in perovskite materials. She conducted her Ph. D. study under the supervision of Professor Silvija Gradečak in the Department of Material Science and Engineering.

A video of the seminar can be found here.

Congratulations Olivia!

--Microsystems Technology Laboratories