Prof. Hae-Seung (Harry) Lee appointed new Director of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories

A member of the lab for over 30 years, Prof. Lee is an expert in analog circuits for data converters, bio-medical systems and sensor systems

The announcement was made on Dec. 2, 2019 by MIT School of Engineering Dean Anantha Chandrakasan. In his announcement, he stated:

I am pleased to announce that Hae-Seung (Harry) Lee, Advanced Television and Signal Processing (ATSP) Professor of Electrical Engineering, has been named director of MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL), effective December 1, 2019.

Harry replaces Jesús del Alamo, the Donner Professor of Science in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a MacVicar Faculty Fellow, who has led MTL since 2013.

MTL is an interdepartmental laboratory that focuses on advancing device fabrication, integrated circuits and systems, photonics, and microelectromechanical systems, as well as molecular and nanotechnologies. The lab’s activities and mission contribute significantly to MIT’s standing as a hub of innovation in electrical engineering, medical engineering, and advanced manufacturing.

Harry, who served as Associate Director of MTL from 2009-2011, has been a member of the MIT EECS Department since 1984. He is well known for his contributions to greater efficiency in modern analog integrated circuits, his leadership in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL), and his teaching excellence in the department. Harry also served as Education Officer in the EECS Department from 2014-2017.

As a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley, Harry developed the now-widely used self-calibration techniques for A/D converters. Professor Lee works in the area of analog integrated circuits focusing on data converters, bio-medical circuits and systems, and sensor systems. He has directed the Center for Integrated Circuits and Systems (CICS) since 1998.

He is the recipient of the 1988 Presidential Young Investigators’ Award and a Fellow of the IEEE. He has served on a number of technical program committees including the International Electron Devices Meeting, the International Solid-State Circuits Conference and the IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits. Harry has regularly taught 6.002 Circuits and Electronics, 6.301 Solid-State Circuits, and 6.775 CMOS Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits. He received the Louis D. Smullin (1939) Award for Teaching Excellence in 2013.

Harry’s remarkable leadership, teaching excellence, unwavering dedication, and prior research and expertise, will undoubtedly propel MTL into the next chapter.

Please join me in thanking Jesus for his incredible leadership and service, and welcoming Harry to his new role as the leader of MTL.



Anantha P. Chandrakasan
Dean, MIT School of Engineering
Vannevar Bush Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science”