Emergency Preparedness Plan

Building a strong safety culture and being prepared in the event of an emergency is a strong priority for MTL. The MTL community must review emergency preparedness plans and become familiar with procedures before performing any work.  In the event of an emergency, should you need assistance, contact the emergency preparedness coordinator.

Emergency Contacts:

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator: David Dunham 617-253-8811

MIT Police: 617-253-1212 or dial 100 from a campus phone

MIT Medical Urgent Care: (617) 253-4481

24/7 Facilities (FIXIT): (617) 253-4948

EHS (daytime): (617) 452-3477 or environment [at] mit.edu (environment[at]mit[dot]edu)

EHS (after hours): (617) 253-4948



No specific training at this time, the emergency procedures are reviewed during lab specific PI trainings conducted by your EHS Rep and EHS Coordinator. There will be a new power point or word document for MTL faculty labs general emergency preparedness procedures.


Emergency Management

MIT EHS and the Emergency Management Office maintain the Emergency Response Guide*. The guide is strongly recommended to read/review to associate yourself with campus protocols.

*NOTE these are different than MTL protocols, both shall be understood.