Beyond the Critical Dimension: Searching the Future of Inline Inspection Methods

MTL Seminar Series
Junichi Tanaka, Hitachi
Junichi Tanaka (Hitachi)


This time, under the theme 'Lab to Fab', I want to talk about our new electron microscopes that can be used directly for inline measurements and inspections. First I will show our Mirror electron microscope which can visualize the disturbance of surface potentials on flat wafers. This tool is especially useful to detect and classify defects in a bulk SiC wafer.

Then I will focus on laser and electron beam interactions for inspections. In this type of SEMs, we are searching for time-domain metrology instead of steady image analysis. We are developing photon pump and electron probe type SEM. Also similar type of microscope, PEEM (Photo electron emission microscope), is widely used for the analysis of materials. If you have any experience or suggestion about usage of PEEM we’d also like to have some discussion.

We also have a tool that use THz waves (is-TPG type) to inspect medicine tablets. We are not looking into its use for semiconductor materials right now. But if you have thoughts or experiences with THz waves for new material testing, we'd like to hear from you to search for collaboration opportunities.

Finally, shifting our focus slightly, I’d like to introduce our collaboration with Delft University to develop a MEMS mirror aberration corrector. This example of partnership underscores our capability to successfully undertake remote development of cutting-edge technology.