The Future of Transistor Integration

The Future of Nanoscale Electronics Symposium
H.-S. Philip Wong, Stanford University


What will the semiconductor industry do after two-dimensional scaling of the silicon transistor crosses the nanometer threshold, from 14 nm, 10 nm, 7 nm, 5 nm, 3 nm, 1 nm, to sizes below a nanometer? Will these advanced technologies continue to provide the energy efficiency required of future computing systems? Will the transistor continue to play a key role in advancing electronic systems? Will new computation workloads demand new types of devices and fabrication technologies?

If history can serve as a guide, the advances in the past may help us chart a new course for the coming decades. In this talk, Prof. Wong will review some of the important advances in semiconductor devices and device fabrication that have propelled the semiconductor industry to be one of the most important foundational technologies of the last century. He will give an overview of the device technologies that are being developed today and speculate on how they will be integrated into future electronic systems.