Improving Your Understanding of Advanced MEMS Design Problems: Design and Simulation for Innovation, Better Reliability, Manufacturing and Performance

MTL Seminar Series
Gerold Schropfer, Lam Research


MEMS designers are confronted with a number of challenges, such as complex coupled three dimensional multi-physics phenomena, unknown material property data, customizable manufacturing processes, unexpected process tolerances, chip and package integration issues, interface & co-design of appropriate control electronics, and last but not least a variety of reliability issues.

Software modeling using MEMS design software is essential for solving these challenges, because it allows designers to fundamentally understand the underlying behavior of MEMS devices. This modeling is also critical to bringing MEMS commercial products to market, and beneficial during advanced academic research. In this discussion. we will review a methodology for advanced MEMS design using a state-of the-art MEMS design flow based upon CoventorMP® software, and describe the concept of MEMS digital qualification and how it can contribute to advanced MEMS development.

To conclude this discussion, we will present realistic case studies that demonstrate how to successfully model feasibility, manufacturability, package effects, reliability (shock analysis) and other complex MEMS performance problems at the device and system level.