Photonics and its Integration with CMOS

The Future of Nanoscale Electronics Symposium
Dr. Jason S. Orcutt, IBM Research Lab


Modern CMOS processes have benefitted from decades of engineering and investment. The intended application of all of this technology development was to manufacture large-scale electronic circuits, but the tools, techniques and general infrastructure has enabled many fields, including several embodiments of integrated photonics. In one case, foundry monolithic CMOS silicon photonics technology has enabled functional system on chip, integration of complete electro-optic subsystems and single-chip transceivers. The most widespread product applications today have instead utilized CMOS tools and techniques to manufacture silicon photonic optical engines. In this talk, Dr. Orcutt will present a view of how CMOS technology is being leveraged to address applications ranging from datacom transceivers to environmental sensors and opticallyenabled microprocessors.