Will Cloud or Edge Computing Dominate over the Next 10 Years? ​​​​​​​Moderator: Charlie Sodini

MTL Seminar Series
Ahmad Bahai, Sertac Karaman, Andy Wang, Carole-Jean Wu


Will Cloud or Edge Computing Dominate over the Next 10 Years?
Moderator: Charlie Sodini

The question, “Will Cloud or Edge Computing dominate over the next 10 years?” has been asked by many people from hardware and software designers, to business creators, marketing geniuses, and application creators.  The usual answer is, “it depends on the application.”  The real question that needs to be answered is, “What are the application spaces where one dominates and what is growth potential of those spaces over time.”

There are constraints that limit cloud computing such as latency and privacy and those that limit edge computing such as cost and complexity.   How do these constraints affect the choice between cloud and edge for a given application?  For example, Chat GPT is nearly perfect for cloud computing. The communication of the questions sent to the massive cloud computing and the inferences returned are very low bandwidth and in general have little privacy concerns.  On the other hand, medical data computation and storage has enormous privacy constraints that makes the use of public clouds difficult such that edge computing tends to win. 

This panel is comprised of thought leaders from small and large industries and academia with expertise in edge data solutions, cloud hardware solutions, computer architecture and machine learning.  We will discuss the constraints on cloud and edge computing and the possible solutions that are on the technical horizon to mitigate these constraints?  We will address current applications and give perspectives on their potential growth over time.  Finally, the panel will speculate on disruptive applications that could tip the balance in either direction.