November 18, 2015
MTL Seminar Series

How Microsystems Technology will Revolutionize the Drug Development Process

Jeffrey Borenstein, Draper
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Speaker PhotoJeffrey T. Borenstein, PhD, is Laboratory Technical Staff at Draper, where he leads programs in the application of microsystems technology toward organ models, organ assist devices and drug delivery systems. Dr. Borenstein has a PhD in Physics from the University at Albany and a background in electronic materials, photovoltaics and MEMS fabrication technology.

The drug development process has been hindered by the high cost and poor predictive power of existing methods for evaluating safety and efficacy. Organ on chip technologies have emerged as a path to more accurate models, integrating primary human cells in a dynamic 3D microenvironment. This talk describes microsystems-based approaches for recapitulating the dynamics of the organ microenvironment and for automating and increasing throughput in preclinical studies.

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