April 20, 2022
MTL Seminar Series

Microfabrication in Industry

Steve Kosier, Sky Water Technology
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Steven Kosier, Ph. D. is the chief technology officer for SkyWater Technology. His background includes 25 years of experience in technical, marketing and business leadership positions. He is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Vanderbilt University, he holds 12 U.S. patents, and he has authored or co-authored more than 30 publications.

A dynamic world drives our industry. The foundry segment, to keep up, must embrace new materials, new architectures, heterogeneous integration, and new ways of enabling capability. The 200 mm fab, long obsolete for leading-edge CMOS, nonetheless operates in a sweet spot of cost and flexibility that can support unconventional thinking without the constraints of total automation. We will explore several illustrative case studies, and show how these facilities hold the key to the next waves of innovation using the Technology as a Service (TaaS) model.