December 8, 2017
EECS Doctoral Dissertations

A Microfluidic System for Modeling Human Atherosclerosis and Pathophysiology

Sarvesh Varma, MIT
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Speaker PhotoSarvesh Varma holds a Ph.D. and S.M. in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and B.A.Sc (honors) in Nanotechnology Engineering from Univ. of Waterloo. In Prof. Joel Voldman’s group at MIT, his research focused on engineering cell-based sensors and microfluidic systems to study human disease progression.

Discovering potent therapeutics for atherosclerosis requires emulating the natural cellular microenvironment along with relevant blood-flow profiles that regulate disease progression. This talk presents a microfluidic device that overcomes several limitations of current models. It applies programmable spatiotemporal blood flow signatures found in patients directly upon human cells, enabling novel studies on atherogenesis.

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