December 8, 2021
MTL Seminar Series

Miniaturized Chip-Scale Quantum and Terahertz Systems Through Tight Integration of Electronics, Electromagnetics, and Qubits

Mohamed Ibrahim, MIT (DDS)
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Mohamed I. Ibrahim received the PhD degree from the EECS department at MIT in 2021. He is currently a Staff Design Engineer at MediaTek USA, Irvine, CA. His research interests include microelectronics circuits and systems for high-speed wireless/wireline transceivers, and chip-scale quantum systems.

In this talk, innovations of chip-scale quantum and THz systems will be discussed. The talk focuses on the first hybrid magnetometer that integrates CMOS and solid-state color-centers, and the smallest package-less identification tag with far-field communication, beam steering, and asymmetric cryptography. These innovations allow for significant miniaturization, practical solutions, and exciting research opportunities.