March 14, 2018
MTL Seminar Series

Single Microwave-Photon Detector based on Superconducting Quantum Circuits

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, NEC
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Conor Madigan

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo in 2001. He joined NEC in 2001 to work on superconducting quantum circuits. He was a visiting researcher at University of California, Santa Barbara (2009-2010). Currently, he is also a visiting researcher at RIKEN and a visiting associate professor at Tsukuba University.

Single-photon detection is essential to many quantum-optics experiments. Although various kinds of single-photon detectors are available in the optical domain, the detection of a single microwave photon remains a challenging task due to its correspondingly small energy. In this presentation, we demonstrate an efficient and practical single microwave-photon detector based on the superconducting quantum circuits.

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