December 11, 2019
MTL Seminar Series

Terahertz CMOS spectroscopic system-on-chip -- Towards precise timing and rapid gas sensing

Cheng Wang, MIT
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Cheng Wang obtained his B.E. degree from Tsinghua university, China, in 2008. He got his M.S. degree from China Academy of Engineering Physics in 2011. He recently defended his Ph.D. thesis in MTL of MIT in Nov. 2019. He is currently a research scientist in Analog Garage, Boston, MA.​

Harnessing the rotational spectra of gas molecules opens new opportunities for Terahertz CMOS integrated circuits. This talk introduces an ultra-stable, chip-scale molecular clock achieving an “atomic” clock level stability by locking to a molecular beat for future mobile timing, and also a fast speed dual-frequency-comb gas sensor that analyzes human breath without ambiguity.

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