March 30, 2016
MTL Seminar Series

Thermoelectric Converters Based on the Spin Seebeck Effect

Akihiro Kirihara, NEC
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Speaker PhotoAkihiro Kirihara obtained B. Eng. (2002) and M. Eng. (2004) from the University of Tokyo. He has worked for the NEC Corporation since 2004. He was a visiting researcher at Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern (2013-2014). Since 2014, he has also been a research member of ERATO "Spin Quantum Rectification" project at the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

As there is strong demand for utilizing omnipresent waste heat, thermoelectric (TE) conversers, which convert heat into electricity, have attracted great interest. This talk shows novel TE converters based on the spin Seebeck effect (SSE), which offer favorable features such as simple structure and straightforward scaling capability. These features allow us to design flexible TE converters sheets suitable for various applications such as heat-flow sensing for thermal management.

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