April 13, 2016
MTL Seminar Series

Transistor Evolution Towards 5nm Node: Band Structure Engineering and PPA Analysis

Victor Moroz, Synopsys
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Speaker PhotoVictor Moroz grew up in Siberia.  After getting his Ph.D. at the State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) and working on semiconductor technology development there, he joined a Stanford spin-off, Technology Modeling Associates (TMA), in 1995.  Currently, Victor is a Synopsys Scientist, leading the effort on modeling advanced CMOS transistor design and manufacturing.

Transistor design is becoming exciting again. FinFETs will take us to 7nm technology node. Beyond that, we tailor semiconductor bandstructure to optimize transistor behavior. Design-Technology Co-Optimization suggests that perfecting a single transistor is not enough to get a good Power-Performance-Area trade-off. We employ standard library cells as a vehicle for benchmarking transistor and interconnect architectures.

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